Roseland NeighborWood

A forest for Roseland Creek

Riparian zones adjacent to creeks are important habitat for animals and birds. The trees next to creeks shade them keeping the water cool for salmon. They hold together the creek banks reducing erosion. Riparian forests are even more necessary in cities where heat and pollution is greater and the solace of a walk beside a shaded creek can restore the soul.

That’s why Forest Unlimited supports the Roseland Neighborwood project.

Located between Burbank Ave. and McMinn Ave. across from the Roseland Creek School, Roseland Neighborwood Park fronts Roseland Creek. A concerted campaign by local residents convinced the city of Santa Rosa to purchase the parcel with the help of the Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District.

We are presently pushing for expansion of the Park and the creation of a native trees nursery on site. Forest Unlimited volunteers have helped to clean up the park, maintain a trail through the park. We have also planted trees adjacent to sections of Roseland Creek that needed riparian cover.

Check out this video of the Neighborwood.

If you would like to be part of this ongoing effort, contact the Roseland Neighborwood Project Manager, Duane Dewitt at